World Famous Bakehouse Granola Retail

Now that's good stuff!

Our made by hand Bakehouse Granola has crunched its way across our home region and now it’s taking off across the country.

If you haven’t tasted it, then you need to. It’s the only way to truly understand how naturally great it is.

Our granola is fresh, natural, and handmade with love and care. We invite you to try our Bakehouse Granola and taste for yourself why we get 5 star reviews from our customers.

We have a variety of flavors, including a line of a gluten free granola.
Enjoy any one of our Bakehouse Granolas:

  • Bakehouse Original
  • Gluten Free Original
  • Gluten Free Cinnamon & Raisin
  • Gluten Free Chocolate Chip & Pecan
  • Gluten Free Cranberry & Almond

If it isn’t sold in your grocery store tell them to get it, then get it on Amazon today.


“You will be glad you did.”