Scholars Inn Bakehouse Customer Testimonials

testimonials and reviews

The world is falling in love with Scholars Inn Bakehouse. From all over people express their appreciation for Bakehouse Baked Goods! Read the testimonials they have sent to us.

testimonials and reviews “Love it!”
“I have to agree, that it’s darn good granola, a nice change from the usual ones I buy at the local grocer. All natural, and handmade is a good plus. I’m not into sports, but still can be impressed, if the Colts, take this cereal on trips. I’m on a portion control diet, and the quarter cup, seems small, but with a dollop of yogurt or milk, is filling and delicious.”

– By Marilyn M. 

 testimonials and reviews “Best of the Best!”
“This stuff is dangerous! It’s the best granola I’ve found, and I’m super picky about my granola. It doesn’t have any of those puffed rice that, in my opinion, don’t belong in granola. No dried fruit either. It’s a basic but spectacular granola. And what a great price! I don’t even bother trying other granolas anymore. I’ve found my favorite.”
– By Cindy

 testimonials and reviews “I love this granola!!!
“I would consider myself a granola connoisseur. Everywhere I go I seek it out from towns and cities all over the US and Europe (I travel constantly for my work). Happily a friend discovered this bake house granola and insisted I try it.
From the aroma to the texture to the taste to the healthy ingredients I was hooked. I literally must be their best customer as I keep reordering it and emailing my friends to try it. Who knew the best granola I’ve ever eaten would come from Indiana and not from New York or Europe! I wish I came up with this as I am betting this granola will give the Quaker Oats a run for their money. I highly recommend it.”
– By Bruce Berman 

 testimonials and reviews “Scholar’s Inn Bakehouse Granola is the best!”
“I had this granola in Indiana for the first time where it is readily available and despite all of the numerous types of granola sold in the grocery store, couldn’t find anything that was nearly as good. I love it in Honey Vanilla Greek Yogurt, but it is just as awesome plain – and my whole family will eat it. I was super excited to find that you could get through Amazon Prime! Buy it, you’ll love it!”
– By CincyMom

testimonials and reviews “A tasty, versatile pantry addition
“Granola. It’s not something that typically gains a following, but here we are. There are no shortage of former residents of Bloomington, Indiana who voice on their social network of choice how they miss their once-local bakehouses. The granola is a big part of it. It’s versatile (from breakfasts to snacks to dinner accompaniment and dessert toppings), it’s healthy, and it is dangerously tasty. Just like how nearly everything on the Scholars Inn menu has some unique characteristic, the granola is hard to match. It has become a staple in my pantry since I first tried it years ago and now that it’s on Amazon (in the new resealable bags, no less), I don’t need to worry about finding it when it comes time to move.

If you like granola at all, do yourself a favor and buy a bag (or three in this case). Give it a try. It’s worth it. If you’re worried about the quantity, it keeps well. Or you could share it with friends, use it to bolster bake sales, or even think of some new ways to incorporate it into your menu. The product description lists a number suggested ways to put this granola to good use. I’d also recommend trying granola-crusted fish/chicken for some dinner representation. It’s hard to go wrong, since, if all else fails, you still have granola.”
By Sakanagai